Animated Logo Design for the Visual Music Award, an annual competition for audiovisual performances, new media art, experimental film and animations in the tradition of pioneers like Oskar Fischinger or Walter Ruttmann.
The design process was completely analogue. Acrylic glass prisms were cut out with a laser cutter and rotated on a turntable. The text was projected through them and thus distorted and mirrored.

Music: Excerpt from 'Plätschern' by Tannhäuser Sterben und das Tod

A little experiment, playing around with the moiré effect. I generate the patterns simply by shifting two layers of perforated paper.
This was shot in a single take, with no cuts or any post production.

Music: 'Negativland' by Neu!, 1972 (slightly remixed)

A short excerpt from a live visual set. I was experimenting with fireworks and sparklers, using a macro lens and various grades of slow motion.
Music: 'Safari' by Holy Fuck
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